Who we are

We are a small and dedicated team of product engineers who have been designing and manufacturing easy to use, compact and user friendly electric golf trolleys for over 15 years.

What we do

Our most recent upgrade, the CompactCaddy Mk6, provides class-leading comfort – before, during and after your round of golf.

The trolley is hand-built with well-tuned, high- quality components and intuitive, easy-touse controls. Added to this, a sophisticated ergonomic design means we have dispensed with the often complicated and over-fussy electronic gadgetry of other caddy brands.

Why we do it

Put simply, we make it easier to play and move around the course.

A three-way adjustable extra long handle allows a fast, free pace and an ergonomic posture, and our continuously adjustable speed controller with intelligent motor control is intuitive and easy to use – and responds to a tap with your fingertips.

Our electronic motor brake slows the Caddy when going downhill, and generates electricity which is fed back to the battery. And our near silent running electric motors are hidden in the wheels and powered by a small, light lithium-ion battery.

Last but not least, our innovative folding mechanism ensures that your Caddy uses minimal storage space and fi ts in almost every convertible or two-seater car.